And I rolled it. That was quick.

Sat 20 July 2013 by Kristofer M White

The girlfriend and I went camping with her family at The Badland. I finally got to go Jeeping. It was great. The first trip out on the trails was great. I pulled up next to a couple (husband and wife, both with their own rigs). As a group, we toured the first five miles of the trail.

It was on our second time on the trail (and off the road, ever) that I took the damage. We were driving through a bit of water (I walked through it and measured with a stick, about 8in deep) with half the wheels in the mud and hit a dip (about 24in) in the ground I missed when checking it beforehand. We rolled right over onto the side. No injuries (yay for seatbelts and the roll cage). We put supports under the wheels on their side and got her up right. One of the guys on the trails, not a part of the first group we went out with, is a mechanic for Jeep/Chrystler and gave her a quick once-over. I need an alignment for damn sure, but she is mostly unscathed; Got us the 100+ mi home without a hiccup.

Album here.

I feel the need to point out how cool everyone was. I expected some shit for rolling onto the side, but the staff got her up and joked around with me. Even suggest getting a 3in lift and some 35s, then coming back. Awesome people. Love the Jeeper community.

"Operation Rebuild: Failure", or "I'm a sucker for a redhead"

Sat 29 June 2013 by Kristofer M White

Well, that didn't work. I gave up. On top of everything else going on, Veronica's transmission went out. Given this was my daily driver, it was time to move on (I would have kept working if it was just a project car). Enter Josie, a 2013 Jeep Wrangler ...

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Operation Rebuild: Restoring Veronica (Part III)

Sun 23 June 2013 by Kristofer M White

I wound up replacing the upstream O2 sensors with a pair NTK sensors (23139 - Upstream Front, 23138 - Upstream Back). I chose NTKs because they were the subcontracted manufacturer for the parts when Jeep made my TJ. They were also significantly cheaper, and had the Jeep Forums Seal of Approval ...

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Site updates

Sun 16 June 2013 by Kristofer M White

In an effort to keep myself amused, I'm adding emoticons. Because I feel they should be recognized for their work, I'm adding the Emote Zombie Pack. Seriously.. they're ZOMBIES! zombie horde

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